The Top 3 things to To Save Endangered Species

1. Stop Using Herbicides and pesticides. The desire for homeowners to have lush green weed free lawns have lead to the increased use of herbicides and pesticides. Herbicides and pesticides are some of the most hazardous pollutants that affect wildlife at many levels. They destroy soil insects and native plants that are crucial to the balanced environment. The chemicals also end up being washed into the storm drain where they pollute our waterways and hurt sea creatures as well. Constant use causes these harmful pollutants to build up in the soil and when consumed by insects and wildlife it kills them. Some of the herbicides and pesticides are so dangerous even the humans using them are getting exposed to carcinogens, which have a high likely hood of giving users cancer. We should think about how these chemical pollutants are causing everything they touch to suffer from exposure. Look for natural remedies and alternatives to the harsh pesticides. You can go to for options.

2. Plant Native plants for native wildlife. Native plants have always provided food and shelter for the native wildlife in your area. These native plants have evolved to support everything from the insects to larger mammals in most areas. As pollinators like bees and butterflies become endangered, we have less insects that can help pollinate our food crops. This is leading to a food crisis where farmers are dependent on having beekeepers transport hives to farms. The spread of non-native invasive species has greatly impacted our native populations around the world. These invasive species compete with native species for resources and habitat and fail to support native insects and have even introduced new pests and diseases. These new pest can directly push native species towards extinction. Take some time this spring and fall to plant some native plants.

3. Protect wildlife habitat. The habitat of our native wildlife, birds, fish and plants are constantly being destroyed for profits. We as people have been the greatest threat to so many species by destroying their natural habitats. All Wildlife need food and shelter just like humans. Capitalism and an extractive economy have easily contributed to millions of acres of destruction from activities like drilling for oil and fracking. We must protect the habitats of animals and plants together. You can support wildlife habitats by visiting and donating to Parks, wildlife refuges, and other conservation areas near your community.

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