Human Services

We are the community's helping hand.

Resilient Community Members

A community member needs a high quality of life since it directly impacts its the overall community resilience. Communities are vulnerable when there exists issues due to inequality. In a truly resilient community, all members of the community are considered equal and diversity should be valued. 

A resilient community needs to provide its members with a quality education and current information that is available to all community members. Individuals should hold a high value on human life. Community members should have access to affordable housing, access to quality and affordable healthcare, and food.

A resilient community is one where people connect, share resources, and work together to maintain a safe thriving neighborhood for its community members to live.

Human Services

At HYN Charity, we are committed to providing human services that have a positive impact on our community. Homeless at-risk individuals are directed to necessary resources through us. By partnering with local organizations our neighbors can access health care, Food, and housing assistance. Our neighbors can receive green job trainings and placement services. HYN created a financial literacy course to help minorities address crucial financial knowledge deficiencies. By addressing some of these key issues in our community, our goal is to ensure everyone has a long-term self-sufficient future.