Resilient Communities

Healthy Environment

A resilient community should have enough natural resources to supports its people. There needs to be equal access to energy, food, and water.

They will protect and restore the natural resources and actively work to reduce climate impact through adaptation and mitigation efforts.

A resilient community has to have a healthy environment. It needs to consistently limit pollution in the air, water, and land. Processed and procedures should be developed to reduce waste, through collection, reuse, and recycling of waste.


HYN Charity understands we are a part of a global community. Our local missions are crucial to global conservation efforts by protecting wildlife from extinction and natural resources from pollution. We are actively working to reduce the amount of CO2 levels in the atmosphere through conservation practices that will reduce energy consumption and promote alternative renewable sources of power.

Green Cities

Cities packed with people and businesses are creating majority of today’s pollutions. Our goal of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions will only be successful by including cities into the green plan. By transitioning to green cities, we can create sustainable infrastructure projects that decreases overall CO2 emissions while supplying communities with the adequate energy resources they need. The problem of global warming is being acknowledged by many city governments, but many are not prioritizing practices that reduce emissions, such as investing in public transportation, infrastructure, banning non-recyclable plastics, and subsidizing green energy sources such as solar and wind. Reducing CO2 emissions not only helps ensure a future healthy planet, but also supports areas of economic growth. We want to include excluded minorities by creating jobs in the new solar and wind energy sectors, as well as in other industries related to green city initiatives.